Be Easy as You Go

You start with a window, then you open a door. You let someone in and you ask them to be gentle. Please, if you’re only passing, Be Easy as You Go.

Be Easy as You Go

hoc meum est

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Should I stay or should I go? Oh, say do you see what they've alas done to me. Add a little perspective and you'll be just right as rain. Like a roller coaster not set on a timer or loop count, my life I feels like the passenger on that roller coaster without a seatbelt, feeling the cart rumble as if it might bottom out in the middle of one those loop de'loops. Sometimes it up and up then you fall and feel your stomach and throat inappropriately run into each other. However, the way I look at things from my view point, I'm still here which means I have a 100% survival record!!!

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